Jaxx Manufacturing

We are your ISO9001 certified electronics manufacturing partner. We provide comprehensive manufacturing support to get your product from our dock to your stock.

Our friendly, highly trained staff gives you the personalized attention needed to meet your demanding product requirements.
With more than 30 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing, you get the value of our experience at no cost to you. Integrity is one of our greatest strengths, and we stand behind every board we build. Simply put, your product success is our goal.

What We Do

We employ our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel to manufacture your product to completion. Prototype to box-build, consignment or turnkey, we get your product built on time and at a competitive price with world class quality.

Free Consultations & Quotes

Whether you need general pricing for budgetary reference or require a full hard cost quote for prototypes or production you can call us directly or email us at info@jaxxmfg.com and we’ll get you what you need

Value Added Service

Our value added approach means you get the best value of our experience, insight and support above and beyond the cost of the quoted work

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Within the scope of work we guarantee our service. If you aren’t satisfied we’ll work to make it right or we won’t charge you.

With a simple call we can walk you through the process. We will give you personalized attention and answer any questions you have to find the solution you need. Whether you’re sourcing a new contract manufacturer, have outgrown your current manufacturer or simply need additional manufacturing support, we’re always ready to help you meet your needs. Feel free to call us or email us anytime.

(888) 767-5299      info@jaxxmfg.com

About Jaxx Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Who we are

All of our employees started from the bottom and moved their way up. You can say we all “cut our teeth” in the industry.

We are familiar with the most intricate details on what it takes to build a product from the ground up and we offer a commitment to service that is unmatched.

Incorporated in 1992 and independently owned, it has equipment, capital, labor and manufacturing expertise to provide electronics manufacturing services in the electronic aerospace, medical, industrial and commercial fields. From prototype to full-scale production, partial to complete build, tested and untested products, Jaxx Manufacturing, Inc. prides itself in providing flexibility and support unrivaled by many larger manufacturers that cannot invest in the level of customer service routinely performed by its expert staff.

Our Philosophy

  • Our mission is to approach you as a partner rather than a customer.
  • We’re interested in long-term customer satisfaction rather than short-term financial gain.
  • We offer the highest value at the most competitive pricing available.
  • We have experienced staff that can provide you with free quotes and consultation if necessary.
  • We can even help you develop and design a product if you’re just getting started.

Give us a call and let us be your solution.

Our Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services

State of the art equipment

iPulse M4e Pick/Place System

iPulse M6e Pick/Place System

iPulse M20 Pick/Place System

Zevatech 570L Pick/Place System

Zevatech 575 Pick Place System

Manncorp MC1400 Screenprinter

with 2D Vision Inspection

MPM Accuflex with 2D Vision Inspection

Bausch and Lomb 40x Microscopes

Core Features of the Company

Jaxx Manufacturing, Inc. has through-hole and surface-mount capability ranging from 01005 components to 120 x 90 mm components such as Ball-Grid Array (BGA) form factors or other fine-pitch components. Automated inspection equipment as well as X-Ray equipment for analysis and evaluation of more critical product applications ensure process uniformity that translates to high yield results. Additionally, its engineers can develop and implement test beds and tooling for full product support according to customer specifications.

Jaxx Manufacturing, Inc. manages both consignment and turn key projects and provides engineering support for developing products entering the marketplace.

State of the art equipment

Manix TSC1008 Reflow Oven

iPulse M6e Pick/Place System

Manncorp 28.400 Wave Solder System

Nicolet Imaging X-Ray NX1410HR

Manncorp MC1400 Screenprinter

WSI ESD Workstations

Essemtec RO400FC Reflow Oven

Hakko 2410-R Reflow Station

Aqua-Klean DI6400 Deionized Closed Loop 4 Chamber Wash System

Consignment to Turnkey

Whether you’re providing all the material for build to control costs or simply supplying a purchase order and documentation to outsource manufacture, we can work with you on every level.

Contact information

The easiest way to get started is to give us a call or an email. Our main contact number is  (888) 767-5299. If you prefer to interact by email simply send it to info@jaxxmfg.com or fill out the form below and we’ll be sure to follow up with you ASAP.

We are located in Simi Valley, California, just north of Los Angeles at 1912 Angus Ave. Your primary access would be the Ronald Reagan freeway 118 or the 23 freeway off of the 101 Ventura freeway.

(888) 767-5299      info@jaxxmfg.com